New Feeds From OPML

This dialog window is used to subscribe RSS Captor for the new feeds listed in OPML file.

To invoke this dialog window choose the Feed | Special | New feeds from OPML... command of main menu and standard «Open dialog» dialog window will appear. After selecting the appropriate OPML file you will be followed to the OPML subscription window.

The window metioned above contains the list of available feeds from selected OPML file. You can see the feed title, description, language, related webstie's address and address of the feed itself.

Select desired feeds by checking and clearing the feeds's checkboxes (also you can use Check all and Clear all buttons), select group from drop-down list and click OK button. All selected feeds (with default settings) will be added to the selected group.

Close button simply closes this window. Help button invokes this page of help file.

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