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Current version: 3.05
Last update: Jul, 10 2006
File size: 2421720 bytes

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10-3-2006 11:50 ::: RSS Captor Free 3.09

RSS Captor Free 3.09 relesead.

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Welcome to RSS Captor web-site!

RSS Captor

RSS Captor is a powerful, highly configurable yet easy-to-use RSS client. We have designed it especially to help you deal with your growing volume of news as quickly and efficiently as possible. RSS Captor is RSS client you need!

Core features of RSS Captor

    Automatic filtration of messages — RSS Captor can collect messages concerned the topic you are interested in.

    Special places where you can store your favorite messages.

    Searching through message database using regular expressions.

    Easy-to-use internal tabbed browser.

    Special place for storing links— use it if you have non-permanent connection (e.g., dial-up, GPRS or public Wi-Fi connection).

All features of RSS Captor...

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