Edit Feed

To invoke this dialog window press Ctrl+E on keyboard or choose the Feed | Edit feed... command of main menu.

This dialog window is used to edit the subscribed feed. The window has three tabs.


The «General» tab is used for setting the general properties of the feed. Type in at least the address (URL) of new RSS feeds. Feed title will be automatically filled at the first check.


The «Proxy» tab is used for defining of specific proxy server settings, e.g. you can read your intranet feeds directly without your corporate proxy.


The «Sound» tab allows to set up the sound notifications about new messages of this feed. You can use specific sound file for each feed you are subscribed. Open button invokes the standard «Open file» dialog for choosing sound file. Play button plays selected file.

OK button saves all chages for selected feed and closes this dialog window. Cancel button closes this widow without saving changes. Help button invokes this page of help file.

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